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coming up on r t accused wiki leaks or bradley manning finally gets his day in court today three years after he was arrested the latest from inside the courtroom and his supporters who are surrounding fort meade next. signed stamped and sealed guantanamo bay hunger strikers write a letter to their doctors demanding better treatment we'll speak with an attorney representing some of those men just ahead. the. massive demonstrations rocked turkey to its core hundreds of thousands flood the streets and protest without at least two casualties and no sign of this slowing down anytime soon the sights and sounds from this unbelievable scene coming up.
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it's monday june third four pm in washington d.c. i'm maggie lopez and you are watching r.t. more than three years after he was arrested in iraq and accused of the biggest leak of classified military documents in u.s. history private first class bradley manning is finally getting his day in court today the twenty five year old former intelligence officer is facing twenty two charges ranging from ranging from possession a transfer of documents to violating the computer fraud and abuse act to his most serious charge aiding the enemy if he is found guilty manning could spend the rest of his life behind bars and if you were wondering why you haven't heard much about this historic trial from the news today here's why. it has been thousands and thousands of years since the woolly mammoth walked across the face of the earth but guess what it could soon return next road warriors what happens when a former president pedals one hundred kilometers in three days we'll talk to the
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only reporter who went biking with this guy it's bush and some veterans i know you have seen the internet sensation known as grumpy cat seems success hasn't gone to this kid's head about new photos surfacing of the bloody crime scene where a limpy and oscar pistorius shot his girlfriend a few months ago they show that blood spattered bathroom in which reveal steenkamp was shot well if there's one thing we know now it's that the news is really in the eye of the beholder but bradley manning's trial will no doubt make it into the history books whether that much can be said about oscar pistorius or grumpy cat depends on who is writing those history books now or t. has sent an entire team down to fort meade today to cover this monumental trial where producer andrew blake has been sitting in on the courtroom since early this morning and he joins me now with the very latest hi there andrew can you tell us what happened today what came out of today. and they're going yeah absolutely i mean they like you like you said this is three years in the making and it's been it
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was made twenty six may twenty fifth twenty ten i believe when manning was first picked up in baghdad he's been in pretrial custody ever sense and if i may i do believe this is way more important than grumpy cat. p.f.c. manning was in the courtroom today for the fischel start of the court martial we've been doing these pretrial hearings going back since december two thousand and eleven but things are really starting to take shape today already the event started off this morning with some basic house cleaning it's going over the rules of the court what we're going to expect during the next perhaps twelve weeks here in fort meade outside of baltimore and then from there we heard opening statements from the prosecution and then david coombs the civilian defense attorney for p.f.c. manning who is actually being represented being supported thanks to over a million dollars worth of donations that have come into the bradley manning support network and those supporters were outside today at fort meade rallying they had a vigil starting around seven am this morning it was gray it was disgusting a lot of them are in the courtroom right now in the off site facility is watching
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live there's a lot of people here and actually for once a lot of media too which is great for the case of p.f.c. manning who could spend the rest of his life in prison for what many people say is a heroic act now as he has mentioned and you know i understand that this started off with the prosecutor presenting his case were there any surprises there. you know i would really say there were many surprises but what we did see from the prosecution was for the first time while they're really trying to drive home his arguments that p.f.c. manning actually conspired with wiki leaks conspired with joining us on jan and more or less took orders from him he he went to know you wanted to know what we can lease wanted to release he looks for that information allegedly and then provided it to wiki leaks in turn prosecutors say that al qaeda in the arabian peninsula benefited due to p.f.c. manning is actions now keep in mind they're saying that al qaida previous misled benefited because osama bin ladin received files that were published on wiki leaks and if you know anything about how the internet works if something is published on
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the internet on a public web site anyone anyone osama bin ladin or myself has access to that file so by saying that releasing the material to wiki leaks by having this information published on the internet in that aided a terrorist organization there will be a really dangerous precedent here for journalists whistleblowers all sorts of sources people of all sorts depending on the outcome of this trial which is expected to run for another twelve weeks and andrew who was in the court with you today and was browsing manning's demeanor. you know it's actually kind of funny for the first time the media center of the of the adjacent facility near the court room here at fort meade actually had every single seat full at least this morning all seven seats were booked until around lunch recess a handful of journalists have left but you know there's there's a journalist in the courtroom itself their supporters in the courtroom itself i saw pulitzer prize winning war correspondent chris hedges here dr cornel west was here i heard daniel ellsberg was here michael ratner the attorney for wiki leaks is here . you know like i said there is dozens and dozens of people here this morning
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marching outside holding up signs trying to gain support governor support for p.f.c. manning and you know that's something that we've been seeing build up and build up and build up for the course of three years now it really critical dislike and when they were rallies here in fort meade and dozens of cities across the world and you know it might have taken three years to get some media attention but slowly but surely people are starting to pay attention at least they were this morning before launch manager we have a short amount of time left but what's next for this trial. twelve very very very long the weeks trial is expected to go into august going for around nine thirty to six every single day we've only heard from one witness so far today there's another two expected to take the stand later and then from there really don't know what's going to happen the prosecution is going to call a number of army peers of p.f.c. manning we're going to testify about his access to information what this
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information was what the serious of this information meant when going into allegedly the hands of the enemy i know. the. correspondent to who spoke with with bradley in may two thousand and ten is expected to testify at some point. and we're going to have to end the affair that thank you so much ross joining us along for our team web producer and your blake thank you meanwhile hundreds of manning supporters have been demonstrating all weekend in defense of the private first class members of the bradley manning support network mark to four march to fort meade on saturday to demand his release the man behind the pentagon papers leak daniel ellsberg was present at that march and so was our team's very homeless wall she followed the protesters tracks to bring us this report. yes. supporters of bradley manning march in solidarity chanting carrying signs calling
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for his freedom ready bradley the twenty five year old army private admitted to leaking hundreds of thousands of classified documents to wiki leaks the prosecution accuses him of aiding the enemy for putting the information on the internet for everyone including terrorists to see and the three years since bradley manning's arrest there have been a number of protests held and his support today is one of the largest we've seen so far it's one of many protests happening across the country and across the globe it's just two days before his trial is set to kick off hundreds here and fort meade maryland calling for his freedom he boldly stood up and told the truth about his truth telling and took full responsibility did not implicate anyone from the wiki leaks organization took it upon himself to expose all these lies at tremendous personal risk is somebody that we should all support critics see manning as
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a traitor who put american lives and national security at risk but his supporters here see him as a hero i think the american people but you understand a lot of these issues and what's really going on with you know that they support this man among his most vocal supporters daniel ellsberg he's a former defense official who leaked the so-called pentagon papers that spilled government secrets on the vietnam war of course pled guilty. while living military regulations and remember when the law under which he and i were charged of this so-called shock was and is unconstitutional ellsberg doubts manning will get a fair trial evidence of the crimes that he revealed is not going to be allowed so it's a. that's no the name elements of why he did it and what we should thank him for our mission from this trial. manning support network has raised more than
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a million dollars for his defense and public outreach if convicted of aiding the enemy the army private faces a sentence of life behind bars in fort meade maryland liz wahl r.t. thirteen inmates participating in a lengthy hunger strike at the guantanamo bay detention facility have written a letter to their military doctors demanding better treatment in the letter the detainees wrote that they are competent to make their own health decisions when it comes to the ongoing health hunger strike they are also demanding for the u.s. to send in independent nonmilitary doctors to treat them part of that letter reads quote i do not wish to die but i am prepared to run the risk that i may end up doing so because i am protesting the fact that i have been locked up for more than a decade without a trial subjected to inhuman and degrading treatment and denied access to justice i have no other way to get my message across you know that the authorities have taken everything from me more than one hundred detainees are currently participating in
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the hunger strike many have become extremely sick in the process david remes is they want tom obey defense counsel representing several of the detainees who wrote that letter and he joins me now with more of thank you so much for joining me so first of all let's talk about the condition that these men are in right now the ones that wrote a lot are and the general population there well the first time that i saw my clients after the younger strike began was in early march they had lost an average of thirty pounds each as measured by the clinics and it was just obvious to the army that they were much much thinner when i went back again at the end of april early may they had lost even more weight they were saying that they had lost up to fifty pounds each and it really showed they were weak one of the his arms were like sticks. it was really quite a horrible situation and i understand it thirty seven of the one hundred three people that are participating in this hunger strike are now being force fed so let's talk about the idea of there demand of an independent non military doctor why
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is that so important because the military doctors have to put the military's interests ahead of the individual interests that they're serving the the most glaring example is whether or not to force feed detainees under the strictures of the american medical association the world medical association and others the detainees supposed to have that choice from self there are other questions whether it taney should be regarded as a hunger strike or when the intervention should occur how the force feeding should be administered those all involve. medical issues that independent doctors can make on the basis of the patient's best interests but military lawyers doctors have to make on the basis of the military's best interests now i want to be a part of this letter to you that your clients wrote it says quote you claim to be acting according to duties as a physician to save my life this is against my expressed which as you should know i
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am competent to make my own decisions about medical treatment when i was trying to refuse treatment you offered you force them upon me sometimes violently for those reasons and you are in violation of the ethics of your profession as the medical american medical association and world medical association have made clear now the competency competency poor part of this letter of this statement specifically is really important here because they are saying that once detainees or somebody that is on a hunger strike becomes incompetent of making their own decisions then that's when they start force feeding so does this water and this claim of competence and see debunk what officials the medical officials want to obey are saying well you can never be sure whether or not the judgment of whether somebody is competent is being made with military interest in mind or the patient's interests i think that really underlies or and underscores the concern that we have. ok and so let's talk about the common see in general who decides when
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a man is competent and when he's not competent medical doctor or a psychologist or psychiatrist does that ok so in this letter they expressly say that they are willing to die should they have that option and should their physicians respect their wishes some are willing to die others want to be hunger strikers but keep themselves alive the i.c.r.c. that's the great cross plus the organizations you've mentioned require the position to respect the choice that an individual makes in this regard and therefore should not be for speeding but these detainees now on the other side of that token suicide is a legal in most us states most except for three i believe so if american citizens don't even have the privilege of letting themselves die of choosing suicide whether it be assisted suicide or otherwise should the detainees reliably expect to get that right as well well. suicide may be illegal i'm sure it's a very hard law to and force but on a more serious note it's
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a right under the constitution the supreme court has held a number of times that the state cannot put things into your body can't touch your body even for good motives. now what kind of pressure would you say the obama administration would be under if one of these men actually did die what would it do to us domestically and internationally i think you put your finger on the motivation for speeding these detainees it would be disastrous to the united states from a political standpoint if one of the detainees died in addition to the fact that it would make kuantan i'm a look really bad it would create markers that the men who did die as a military commander said it would turn zeros into heroes and as i understand it there are it's other men are still on hunger strike there's one hundred sixty six people total in that detention facility and you haven't had contact with your clients and over a month well it's right to refuse to take my telephone calls last friday because of
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a new search policy so we're really we're really under challenge here david remes human rights attorney thank you for bringing us that story. well first they wanted your fingerprints now the supreme court has ruled that police officers are allowed to collect your d.n.a. without a warrant it's a simple small above the cheek but the d.n.a. evidence collected from that process can open up a myriad of information about your body as well as your past supreme court justices ruled five to four in favor of the state in maryland v king alonzo j. king jr was convicted of rape back in two thousand and three when his arresting officers ran his d.n.a. through a database that linked him to an unsolved sexual assault case six years earlier the state for ruled that police had violated cames rights by collecting the evidence but the majority of the supreme court justices disagree their decision was the first time that the supreme court has ever ruled on the privacy of genetic information the supreme court did rule that the purpose of collecting the d.n.a.
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was to help identify the person they apprehended but the four dissenting justices say that this might give the police too much power twenty eight states as well as the federal government currently collect d.n.a. swabs when they make arrests many then send that genetic information off to a federal database known as the combined d.n.a. index system that's maintained by the f.b.i. in reality d.n.a. is everywhere you don't need a cheek swab to get at it it's just as easily found in a chewed piece of gum or on a strand of hair and some fear that someday it could be taken without a person even knowing about it here's one example researchers around the country are currently working on a tiny robotic above that like drone that's to be used for everything from searching for survivors after a disaster to pollinating plants and if these little machines are ever as functional as mosquitoes they might be able to collect your d.n.a. then again the research is still years off and marylanders have another swarm of
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bugs to worry about before then that being the cicadas. well to turkey now where protesters went from protest went from being peaceful to precarious over the weekend as thousands of demonstrators clashed with police protests began on the last day of may when a group of people gathered to ask the government not to demolish a public park and put a shopping center in its place since then the demonstrations have swelled or two hundred thirty five protests have taken place across the country and counting seventeen hundred people have been detained so far and this protest is not slowing down any time soon many are demanding that the prime minister step down he is a democratically elected prime minister at that they want him gone are to roughly producer lizzy feel and joined me earlier with the latest from the ground. i'm standing now looking i have attacked him square which has been the scene of protests for the last seven days which began in i guess the pa and any hopes really
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by the government that this would have been over on monday the day the day that everybody goes back to work and normal life as definitely proven not to be the case today just in the last hour there was a battle i just pay gas about hasek columbus avenue a kilometer away from here and there was so much takeout used that it flooded the square and people are still recovering from the effects of that and in fact express itself as still ongoing clashes between protest processes and police fish excesses of course where as i don't know about the polish but the colleges where the offices of the prime minister is again located and the police have released a statement saying that tonight will be the night that they finish the protest investors are so we're really expecting even more ugly ugly as an ugly scene than we've we've seen over the last three days and of course there's also been the statement earlier today by one of the trade unions here that which has
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a quarter of a million members that they are going to go on strike tomorrow and a day off in protest at what they say is a government crackdown on peaceful protests even a price tag and this is a problem and talk about the reason for this protest as i understand it the prime minister has made numerous democratic and economic changes for the betterment of the country but also he's made several social changes that have pushed strict in the people can you talk about some of the reasons. well there are some people say that these are very spontaneous protest really that has been a month if not years not since ten years ago when i was again came into office of underlying tensions entirety and the policies of the a.k.p. government. just in the last few months there's been several big protests against the infamous again the con trials which notorious in that they've that the
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government has arrested and sent to prison hundreds of people including. sold high ranking soldiers. trade unionists and on top of that there's a lot of opposition growing to the government's foreign policy in relation to its what but protest this is a collaboration with the opposition in syria and even people who might previously have been in support of this current government are really getting fed up with the fact that there are. fighters coming in from opposition fighters from syria streaming over the borders of course not not long ago that was and attacking right hundley in which what was previously seen as an a k p stronghold and that really provoked a lot of opposition and and people hate blaming the a.k.p. government for that attack in that they have been openly opposing the assad government and facilities and allowing people to come across the border they say
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that refugee camps but people here say that they are harboring terrorists and speaking of those terrorists and harboring them in the syrian fires can you talk about how dangerous these protests have become over the last week. well really the only time that as it seems that there's any danger is when the police show up because. i'm in texan square since saturday evening there's been no police presence and they the protests have been essentially it's been like a festival in texan square for the last couple of days and even that you know the buildings around the square they haven't been smashed people carry on the way because normal and really there are no incidents of violence is only in places where police show up and start using water cannons and take gas that provokes obviously a lot of anger and protesters bag so at the moment as the police helicopter cycling
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over tax and tax and square so it looks as though the last couple of days of peacefulness and the kind of that festive atmosphere in tax it may be coming to a close now archie ruptly producer lizzy feel and thank you so much for that report . well monsanto is earned its fair share of critics over the years as a result of its controversial jim most a growing one of the biotech giants most outspoken critics also happens to be one of its youngest fourteen year old berk fare as an advocate of sustainable agriculture and has traveled all over the u.s. to speak about organic farms and the problems surrounding america's industrialized food system are to correspondent margaret how brings us a story of a boy whose experience goes beyond his years her fourteen year old berkeley are genetically modified organisms just don't fly i discovered the dark side of the industrialized. first there's genetically engineered seeds in organisms that is what a seed is manipulated in
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a laboratory to do something not into my nature by taking the d.n.a. of a fish and putting it into the d.n.a. of a tomato yuk don't get me wrong i like fish and tomatoes but this is just creepy. the seeds the seeds of them planted then grow the food they produce an improvement cost cancer and other problems of lab animals and people of many food producers license the one to mind and most folks don't even know they exist burke was eleven when he filmed this and of age fourteen he's still on the go against g m o o's turns out burke's passion started with one decision now while back i want to be in a full football player. i decided that i'd rather be an organic farming staff that was the old. thang. and that way i can have a greater impact on the world i asked berke what he thinks should be done about
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genetically modified foods first mini label so we can educate the public into the unique starting areas to know what's in there and looking you know. and number two sure that we can eventually get them either van or you know just totally kicked out of the country burke explained that farmers who don't play by months and whose rules often find themselves at the wrong end of lawsuits like toronto based farmer percy smiles are the seven year battle with monsanto nearly took the family farm smiles it was a canola farmer and see breeder for fifty years one thousand nine hundred ninety seven months and to develop canola seed ended up on his farm the origin of the roundup ready seed remains unknown but smiles are adapted to seed and harvested it in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight months since a learned that smiles or was growing a crop of roundup resistant canola and took him to court for pet infringement when the farmer wouldn't pay a licensing fee for the seats the case went all the way to the canadian supreme
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court which voted five to four in favor of months anto much it will go into the farmers whether the organic farmers. say first. and they'll sue them for all their money or you know as much as they can. patent bridgeman in they will eventually you know put that person out of business and i just find it crazy because number one these people they don't even want this or the g.m.c. that our rights. and our number two you know it's just total can tame a nation of you know g.m. crops being right next door to whether it be an organic farmer are you know just coal encroachments being able they can to make people's land i think that it should be wanting monsanto having to pay damages for having me to paint him contaminated crops rather than the farmers have to pay for bills and it's cases like these that give birth to the fuel to keep on pushing well now that you met david take
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a look at the wire behind me is washington d.c. is monsanto office and they produce the seeds that burke was talking about why do what i do is to get people to really look into their food system and to wonder what they're eating for l. it's companies like monsanto that have the ear of the government and their influence over our global food supply but with people like bert barrett we sing their opinion that might not always be the case in washington margaret howard r.t. all right well that's going to do it for now for more on this or as a convert go to youtube dot com slash our to america and check out our website for the latest and greatest information coming out from around your world r.t. dot com slash new essay and you can also follow me on twitter at meghan underscore lopez don't forget to tweet me or comment story suggestions and feedback i'm always looking for new stories so be sure to tweet me and stick around prime interest riparian boring is coming up next and i'll see you right back here at five pm.
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well the. money is technology innovation all the least of melons from around russia we've got the future covered. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear sees some other part of it and realize everything you thought you don't know i'm tom harpur welcome to the big picture.
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seals are born to right on the ice fields of the white sea. throughout the twentieth century the poles were hunted for their snow white furs. russia imposed a ban on this trade and hunters have since been replaced by tourists but these pups stay safe forever. saving seals on our teeth. more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images cobol has been seeing from the streets of canada. china corporations are today.
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good afternoon and welcome to prime interest i'm harry and boring here in washington d c let's get to the day's headlines. for you mom and dad once in a while that's what the world's most powerful monetary manipulator told princeton grads over the weekend that would be chairman ben bernanke he was a princeton professor himself other pearls if you uniform isn't dirty you haven't been in the game well after four and a half years of near zero interest rate policy a mighty branding were afraid to see just how dirty the chairman's uniform is that this point but don't worry i've heard channeling poet robert burns and the chairman close and true truman ask fashion give him hell.


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